LDAPSoft Ldap Browser 3.0

LDAPSoft Ldap Browser 3.0: Ldap/Active Directory Browser for Windows and Linux Browser is the premier GUI browser for directory browsing. It is a limited functionality version of LDAP Admin Tool ( and is absolutely free for all commercial and non commercial use. LDAP Browser provides you with the ability to perform all the necessary read-only LDAP routines such as viewing and searching entries. LDAP Browser Features: 1. Absolutely free for all commercial and non commercial use 2. Easy

Freeware Browser 4.0: Freeware Browser is a freeware themed web browser
Freeware Browser 4.0

Browser is a freeware themed web browser that delivers easy navigation to freeware and software related websites. Freeware Browser is equipped with an integrated search engine utilizing the popular software search engines and allows you to quickly switch among your search results using tabs. In addition, Freeware Browser automatically finds related software links, freeware directories, shareware directories, and other links associated to current

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Chrome Privacy Shield Chrome Privacy Shield protects your chrome browser private data from malware
Chrome Privacy Shield

Chrome Privacy Shield protects your chrome browser private data from malware and unwanted persons. It makes any browser data (cookies, temporary files, databases, etc) unreadable for any application except the Chrome browser. It improves your Chrome browser security.

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SimLD Lite 1.01

This locked browser is ideal for use for common access PC`s where limited or restricted internet usage is provided for users in places such as retail, libraries, banks, hospitals and clinics as well as universities and schools. Includes PC and Browser lockdown. Limits users access to browser only on the PC. Configurable browserhome page, full screen or Navigation bar etc. (reseller opportunities available)

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Free browser SpX 1.0.1: Free browser SpX is fast, graphically attractive,  a full featured Web browser.
Free browser SpX 1.0.1

Free browser SpX is fast and graphically attractive, is a full featured Web browser.It is very easy to use, its numerous functions will allow you to enjoy browsing the web.In this version SPX (special for all) you can find integrated some functions as Special search and Top Favorites.Our slogan is more Easy to use and more functions.After you try our Free Browser, we think you continue to use as your favorite Web brower.Thanks for all.

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Simpliciti TaskLock Browser 1.01

simpliciti tasklock browser is Ideal for exams, training or testing enviorments, or any where a user is required to complete a web task before they can get back to their desktop or get at any other web sites. A small application is downloaded to the client and then when a special link is accessed by the browser, the user is locked into the browser until the task is completed and the lock is released form the server.

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ACNE A tiny ACNE internet browser is based with no fancy features.

browser is based on Microsoft Internet Explorer engine. ACNE browser has no fancy features like tabs, list of favorites, toolbars. It is intended to use by regular office worker, who uses Internet daily but doesn`t need these features and wants to stay under his chief`s eyes radar. The browser has only go, back, stop, refresh and quit buttons. Because its simplicity, ACNE starts really fast. You can hide browser by pressing a "Close window" button

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